By David Gallienne, Dec 30 2016 10:01AM

It's that time of year again...so, without further delay, here is my Top 10 Melodic Rock albums of 2016!

1) Angels Or Kings - Go Ask The Moon (AOR Heaven Records)

2) Mecca - III (Melodic Rock Records)

3) Dan Reed Network - Fight Another Day (Frontiers Music srl)

4) Tyketto - Reach (Frontiers Music srl)

5) Nordic Union - Nordic Union (Frontiers Music srl)

6) Human Zoo - My Own God (Fastball/Bob Media)

7) Magnum - Sacred Blood, Divine Lies (SPV)

8) Dare - Strength (Legend Records)

9) Palace - Master Of The Universe (Frontiers Music srl)

10) Dante Fox - Breathless (AOR Heaven Records)

You can hear the full countdown, including tracks from all 10 albums, on tonights edition of The Friday Rock Show. (Links are on the frontpage).

By David Gallienne, Aug 25 2016 07:00AM

Hi all,

For a number of reasons, including the recent arrival of our Son and our impending house move, I need to take a break from producing The Friday Rock Show for a few weeks, effective immediately.

I aim to be back "On Air" on Friday 23rd September, all being well.

In the meantime, archive editions of the programme will be broadcast.

Many thanks,


By David Gallienne, Apr 16 2015 08:00PM

It's with a very heavy heart, (as well as being generally heavy), that I must announce my decision to go on hiatus from ARFM! My final show will be THIS SUNDAY at 2pm UK/9am EST

It's been an extremely hard decision to make, as I absolutely love doing the programme for you every week. But, unfortunately, real life has got in the way and I’m not currently able to commit the time each week into producing the show to the standard I demand. (It takes many hours preparation every week to playlist, research, present & produce a 2 hour show).

I’d like to take a moment to thank the Guvnor, Steve Price, for his support and guidance and for giving me the opportunity to broadcast on his fantastic station. I’d also like to thank the other guys (and girls) at the station, especially Paul Chamberlain & Sue Birbeck, for their kind words and encouragement!

Right, that’s it for now! See you at 2pm Sunday for my final show (for now)!!

By David Gallienne, Dec 24 2014 02:17PM

Presenting my Top 40 Melodic Rock albums of 2014!!!

These are the albums that, for me, have defined the Melodic Rock genre in 2014.

1 State Of Salazar - All The Way (Frontiers Records)

2 Work Of Art - Framework (Frontiers Records)

3 Three Lions - Three Lions (Frontiers Records)

4 Angels Or Kings - Kings Of Nowhere (AOR Heaven Records)

5 Ten - Albion (Rocktopia Records)

6 H.E.A.T. - Tearing Down The Walls (Ear Music)

7 Space Elevator - Space Elevator (Space Elevator Productions)

8 In Faith - There's A Storm Coming (Rocktopia Records)

9 Magnum - Escape From The Shadow Garden (SPV)

10 Bailey - Long Way Down (Frontiers Records)

11 Overland - Epic (Escape Music)

12 Grand Design - Thrill Of The Night (AOR Heaven Records)

13 Vega - Stereo Messiah (Frontiers Records)

14 Harem Scarem - Thirteen (Frontiers Records)

15 Rik Priem's Prime -Rik Priem's Prime (Avenue Of Allies)

16 Anette Olzon - Shine (Ear Music)

17 Free Spirit - All The Shades Of Darkened Light (Carpel Music)

18 Lover Under Cover - Into the Night (Escape Music)

19 Sonic Station - Next Stop (Avenue Of Allies)

20 White Widdow - Crossfire (AOR Heaven Records)

21 Houston - Relaunch II (Livewire Records)

22 Night By Night - NxN (Sun Hill Productions)

23 Michael Sweet - I'm Not Your Suicide (Big3 Records)

24 Dalton - Pit Stop (Frontiers Records)

25 Mr Big - The Stories We Could Tell (Frontiers Records)

26 Perfect View - Red Moon Rising (Avenue Of Allies)

27 Winger - Better Days Coming (Frontiers Records)

28 Seven - 7 (Escape Music)

29 Night Ranger - High Road (Frontiers Records)

30 Moonland (featuring Lenna Kuurmaa) - Moonland (Frontiers Records)

31 Crazy Lixx - Crazy Lixx (AOR Heaven Records)

32 21 Octayne - Into The Open (AFM Records)

33 Niva - Incremental IV (AOR Heaven Records)

34 Sunstrike - Rock Your World (AOR Heaven Records)

35 Miss Behaviour - Double Agent (AOR Heaven Records)

36 Secret - The End Of The World (Melodic Rock Records)

37 220 Volt - Walking In Starlight (AOR Heaven Records)

38 House Of Lords - Precious Metal (Frontiers Records)

39 Diesel - Into The Fire (Escape Music)

40 Tesla - Simplicity (Frontiers Records)

By David Gallienne, Jun 16 2014 09:00PM

From ARfm's Facebook Page:

"ARfm are pleased to welcome David Gallienne to the presenting team. A gifted musician and radio presenter David will be hosting a new Sunday afternoon show from 2pm which will be a mixture of just about everything you would expect from the best rock station on the planet! Watch this space for further details...."

I make my ARfm debut on Sunday 29th June!

I'll continue to present "The Friday Rock Show" & "DG At Tea" for Jubilee Hospital Radio.